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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get started?

A: Getting started is as very simple task that would take less than five minutes of your time. Visit our website at and click on sign in and create an account. We will send you a link to your email, click on the link and that’s it. You are a member of now, start exploring.

Q: When are tutors available?

A: Tutors are available 24/7. However operators would be always available to answer any questions that you may have.

Q: How much does it cost? Information on Tutoring Plans.

A: We charge much less than most our competitors. We value your money therefore we charge only according to your specifications and size of the assignments and on the basis of topics that you seek help for. On submission of your assignment request, we will analyze and get back to you with the estimated charge and will start working only upon your permission.

Q: Who are the tutors and where are they based?

A: Our tutors’ at mostly come from India. Anyways we do have tutors’ working for us from US, Canada and Australia.

Q: Are background checks performed on all tutors?

A: Yes, only the tutor’s who have passed a background check by our verification team allowed in our team.

Q: Are the sessions monitored? By whom and how often?

A: A separate team of quality analysts and team leaders very often monitor the status of assignments by the tutors’ and report to the team manager. We never compromise the quality and therefore quality assurance is one of the toughest & systematic tasks that our company obliges to follow.

Q: What happens if we need to cancel a scheduled session?

A: You will have to inform us at least within 6 hours for cancellation, so that you will be refunded 90% of the total fees. If cancelled after 6 hours and before 24 hours from the delivery time, 50% of the total fees will be refunded.

Q: Can a specific tutor be requested?

A: Yes, you can request a specific tutor of your interest, but however the appointment solely depends on the tutors’ schedule and personal preference.

Q:What is the minimum length of a tutoring session?

A: As every homework has its own complexity, we cannot assure you the length of the session before analyzing your request.

Q:What is the maximum length of a session?

A: The maximum length really depends upon the size of the assignment and both party schedule.

Q:Can a session be paid for by check or money order?

A: No. We are sorry, but currently we only accept Paypal

Q:What are the computer requirements?

A: A fast working computer with a strong internet connection, a good working headset with a microphone is the requirement. Web camera is optional.

Q:Is it necessary to purchase the textbook before a session?

A: Though it’s your option, we strongly recommend you to have a textbook during the session.

Q:What if I have forgotten my password and/or login?

A: Don’t worry, click forgot password link. We will email you a link that would help you to reset your password.

Q:Do you offer gift certificates?

A: We do offer some discounts seasonally. Keep checking our site regularly for attractive offers.

Q:Does PingTutor offer a mobile application (app)?

A: We are developing a mobile application both on Android and IOS platform. We would launch the application very soon.

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